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Saving dogs daily.



Adoption is important for many reasons. Shelters are full of amazing dogs that need a home to call their own. They are so thankful and grateful and will show you by giving unconditional love and being your loyal companion. Shelter dogs are not broken or damaged..they have been let down by humans and we are here to give them the second chance at the happy life they deserve.

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Fostering is critical to our rescue. We cannot continue to save dogs at risk in the shelters without people willing to open their hearts and homes to them. It gives them time to decompress and see what it feels like to live in a home. We learn about their personalities so we can better place them in the forever homes. When Fostering for us we provide everything you need including food, treats, toys, kennel if needed and of course cover all vet care until adopted.

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There are many ways to help by volunteering with us. You can help at Adoption events by spending time with the dogs and walking them.  We have fundraisers to rasie money for vet care for all of our Rescue pups and need help with a variety of things depending on events. It takes a village of people stepping up to give their time to help with everything we do. We can't do it alone and appreciate your time and support.

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We take in dogs from rural County shelters that have little to no vet care and usually are not spayed/neutered. We take in the sick and injured without a second thought. We save the ones that have been dumped in treated horribly. Fur Sisters provides all vet care needed to get them ready for their forever families. This adds up quickly and donations are how we are able to keep saving the ones in need. Fundraising for our non profit is an ongoing process and we are always looking for new opportunities and ideas.

If you have a local business and would like to sponsor us or host an event please contact us. We are very active in our community and want to raise awareness of our cause. We encourage everyone to get involved!

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Well it's clear, we love dogs! But we also love the other people around us, supporting us, donating to us, fostering, adopting, and doing anything and every little thing they can to make FUR SISTERS possible. Read about some of our LOVE stories here. Pets who found FUREVER homes wrapped in all the love...

Love is what keeps this rescue going. All dogs matter and deserve to be loved and will give so much in return. We do it all for the love of dogs