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It was more important that you had him, than me not wanting a third dog.


We were fostering three 7- to 8-week-old puppies for Fur Sisters Rescue for several weeks – two little girls and one boy who were taken from a bad situation. I was personally going through an extremely difficult time and fostering, along with my own pups, just helped ease the pain. The girls were quite hyper and would pick on the little boy. He just wanted to cuddle and be next to someone and usually that was me.

He (Kylo) became a huge comfort for me. He helped me through many hard days.

Fast forward a few weeks. We’d pre-planned a vacation so another volunteer was going to take over fostering the puppies. I helped to get the girls settled but I just couldn’t bring myself to hand Kylo over, so I had my husband do it as I went to sit in the car crying. We had fostered before and, although you love them all, you’re happy for them and their new lives.

This time, with him, all I wanted was for his new life to be with us. But I knew my husband didn’t want three dogs. I was just so connected to him, it hurt my heart to let him go.

The exchange was over and our drive home was rather quiet, minus the sniffles from my crying. The whole time on vacation, and even when we got back home, I just felt lost. Two days later, I was having a particularly bad day, and it just so happened that my husband told me that he had a meeting and would be coming home late. That just sent me deeper over the edge.

I was laying in bed when he got home. I didn’t turn around to acknowledge him, and before he said anything I felt the familiar sensation of excited little feet on the bed. I turned around to see the beautiful little puppy face I missed so much running up to me, ready for snuggles and kisses. Needless to say I burst out in tears! Once composed, I asked my husband what made him bring him home and he said, “It was more important that you had him, than me not wanting a third dog.” He had planned this the day after our return from vacation to pick him up after we got back.

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Woof Creative Photography is one of our #partnerswelove. This is Sydney's love story in the making...

"I got to do a shoot with a wonderful dog this morning! Driving to meet Sydney, I began to think about my style of photography and how I most love to capture how the dog and her human feel about each other. It made me sad to think that Sydney doesn't have a human to call her own. What she DOES have is a survivor's story, (which will be featured in the next issue of Unleash Jacksonville) and the love of Kelly Krehbiel, who brought Sydney into Fur Sisters without a second thought after she and her puppies were found living under a house. Sydney was the target of abuse and ended up having one of her eyes rot out.

I was sad to think Sydney would be alone in her photos, with no one looking at her adoringly. But she is very loved in Kelly's arms. She is beautiful. She feels safe. Now we just need to find her a family. Man, they'll be lucky! Please contact Fur Sisters to learn how to make your beautiful life with Sydney — I'm looking forward to doing an updated photoshoot with her human(s)—for free!"

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I think you only get one heart dog. And I’m so grateful that Luke found his.


“There will always be that dog that no dog will replace, that dog that will make you cry even when it’s been gone more years than it could have ever lived.” (MD ‘The gift of a great dog’)

"I lost my heart dog after a two-year fight with lymphoma. But this is about beginnings… Remi was a black dog not doing well in a rural shelter. Fur Sisters stepped up and gave her the break she needed. She had two failed fosters and was back in boarding needing a savior. So why not me?

Remi was on kitchen counters, sailing over couches, digging, chasing cars, jumping on people and scaring the crap out of anyone on a bicycle. She was a disaster! There was no way anyone was going to adopt her. Luke hadn’t been home all week, but Thursday night he got to experience our new foster first-hand. That night he slept on the couch with her and Remi was immediately smitten. We sent our unruly foster to training the next day at Jet Set Pets. She came home a few weeks later a manageable dog! Luke worked with her every day for a few more weeks and Remi was finally ready for her first adoption event.

I vividly remember watching Luke take her into the yard at Brewhound and her looking at him like he was the only one in the park. With the grin on his face, I knew he found his heart dog. When we left that night, he asked if we could talk about keeping Remi. My heart was still shattered from losing Max. I wasn’t ready for a new family member.

A week later, Remi was headed back down to Brewhound for a meeting with potential adopters. Luke was furious that I wouldn’t even discuss keeping Remi and I was forcing him to participate. “It’s not fair that you’re going to deny me experiencing with Remi what you had with Max!” Words true enough I had to choke back tears. I don’t think anyone should be denied the privileged experience of a heart dog.

We arrived and Kelly from Fur Sisters asked Luke to fill out some information on Remi that might help the adopters. He took the pen, likely cussing me out under his breath, and started to read the questions:

  1. Would you love Remi forever?

    He shot me a dirty look.

  2. We hope you answered yes because she is yours forever!

Tears welled up in his eyes as confusion became understanding that this “adoption meet and greet” was all for him. Remi knew, because in that moment she jumped on him frantically kissing him… and wouldn’t you know it but there just so happened to be a photographer handy (thank you Layla Neal)!

I love dogs. I’ve loved all my dogs deeply. But I think you only get one heart dog. And I’m so grateful that Luke found his.

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Lanna Lambo


After bringing Fur Sisters Furever Rescue an immense amount of support, Jacksonville Jaguars’ kicker, Josh Lambo, and his wife Megan fell in love with their furever friend, Lanna.

Josh and Megan Lambo continue to show their support of Fur Sisters including a recent fundraiser at BrewHound Dog Park + Bar, where he donated a Jaguars jersey to raffle off and autographed photos and memorabilia for his fans.

We appreciate your support, Josh and Megan, and love your new furever family!

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Buster – now known as Alexander Logan, a.k.a. Alex ❤ Most of you that follow our page remember him, the sweetest boy who couldn't catch a break. He had been through so much and had been attacked by several large dogs. Alex has PTSD from that experience and would become frightened/stressed around larger dogs. We met someone at one of our events who had been through a lot as well and was looking for a dog to help him through his own PTSD. We told him about Buster. When these two met, it was an instant connection.

Clarence and Alex needed each other. They help one another. And the love they share is apparent. We are so happy for Alex, that he finally found his forever person. But we are just as happy for Clarence that he found what he was looking for to help him… the love of a great dog.

❤🐾🐾❤ Happy tails! We couldn't have asked for a better home for our sweet boy. It was meant to be.

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